Kesha accepts LGBT visibility award in Nashville and says 'I'm going through some personal things'

'I often felt like a misfit so then I often gravitated towards other social outsiders. Many of them in the LGBT community,' says the Tik Tok singer

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Kesha has spoken openly about the difficulties she has recently endured, while accepting an award for LGBT visibility.

The 29-year-old American singer appeared tearful during her acceptance speech at an event organised by the Nashville Human Rights Campaign in her hometown.

“As many of you know I am going through some personal things that have been really intense and hard lately and I just want to say thank you for any support I have received,” the Tik Tok singer said.

Last month, a judge ruled Kesha must continue her contract with Dr Luke, the music producer who she claims raped, drugged and psychologically tormented her for a decade.

Kesha, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, spoke of her support for the LGBT community while collecting the award. Kesha came out as bisexual in 2013 and officiated her second same-sex wedding last September.

“I have a very deep connection to the LGBT community since I was a little girl growing up here in Nashville," she said.

"Back then I was a very odd little kid with homemade clothes and an inability to fit in and as you can see not a lot has changed."

The Los Angeles-born singer went on to say she found herself attracted to other outsiders from a young age.

“I often felt like a misfit so then I often gravitated towards other social outsiders," she said.

"Many of them in the LGBT community - though back then we didn‘t know what LGBT meant - we just knew we got bullied for being ourselves, shamed for being 'different' and encouraged to hide the things that made us unique”.

She ended her speech by urging onlookers to stand up for any prejudice they endure.

“My message to you today is don't be afraid to speak up against any injustice you experience," she said.

"Don't let people scare and shame you into changing the things about you that make you unique.”

Kesha signed a contract with one of Dr Luke’s companies in 2005 when she was just 18 years old and has been contractually prohibited from recording music with another company ever since. She has not recorded any new music for two years because she refuses to work with Dr Luke.

Kesha accuses the top producer of raping her a decade ago after allegedly drugging her with a pill which knocked her out.

Dr Luke denies all of the allegations made against him and has countersued Kesha, claiming her allegations were part of a “campaign of publishing outrageous and untrue statements”. Kesha is legally obliged to make six more albums under Kemosabe Records, Dr Luke's Sony imprint.

A number of prominent figures, such as Adele, Lady Gaga and Lily Allen have stood in solidarity with the Madonna-inspired artist.