Nuts final issue: Lucy Pinder cries on the front cover as the lads' mag

Don’t worry loyal Nuts readers, Pinder is still willing to pose provocatively – but this time she’s vulnerable and sad

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Lucy Pinder, a favourite of Nuts magazine, has helped bring the publication to a close by crying on the cover of its final issue.

In a strangely solemn statement for the lads' mag, the British model – wearing just a bra that appears to be three cup sizes too small – is seen with a singular tear running down her cheek.

If it seems odd to have a woman crying on the cover of Nuts, perhaps you've missed the point: every buxom model in Britain is surely inconsolable at the loss of one of the nation’s premium publications.

The magazine stayed true to its ethos right until the bitter end – passive, unthreatening, with (objectified versions of) women for everyone.



Nuts launched in January 2004, with Nell McAndrew as its illustrious cover star. The final issue – its 526th edition - went on sale yesterday and its website is defunct as from today.

“Across all of its various platforms, Nuts was enjoyed by millions of young British men every week during the past 10 years,” said publishing director Jo Smalley.

Nuts says I'd like to thank the Nuts team for all of their hard work and commitment – it was both a pleasure and a privilege to work with so many talented people on what was a publishing phenomenon by any definition.”

Last year, the Lose the Lad Mags campaign was launched which called for the ban of such publications in high-street shops. The Co-Operative chain said that it would only sell such magazines if they were sealed in plastic bags. While Loaded complied, Nuts, Zoo and Front refused to acquiesce and consequently had their publications pulled from the store’s shelves.

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