Pope Francis told to cut down on the pasta by Vatican doctors

The task of telling someone living in Italy not to eat pasta is definitely an unenviable one

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Poor Pope Francis has been told that he needs to eat less pasta after he reportedly put on weight in the space of a few months. 

The 78-year-old has been advised to eat pasta no more than twice a week after his robes began to look a little tight, which was blamed on too much spaghetti and not enough exercise.

The unenviable task of telling a man living in Italy that he needs to stop eating pasta was awarded to Vatican doctors.

Pope Francis only has one functioning lung, takes no holidays or other forms of time off and is under enormous amounts of stress, so his medical advisors are trying to keep him in the best shape possible. Doctors told Italian news agency Ansa that Francis needs to take some strain off his back.

He recently admitted that the one thing he misses about living a "normal life" is that he is unable to "go for a pizza" without being recognised.

The Pontiff, who celebrated two years of Papal rule last month, gave an interview with Mexican TV station Televista, in which he said he did "not mind" being Pope, but longed for anonymity.

Neapolitan pizzeria owner Enzo Cacialli clearly felt sorry for the Pope, as two weeks later he was filmed jogging alongside the famous Pope-mobile as it passed through Naples and handing the Pontiff a specially created pizza.