Stephen Hawking flanked by nine men dressed as Bananaman

Physicist was on his way to a dinner with his son when he met the group

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In about as stark a juxtaposition as you're likely to see, esteemed physicist Stephen Hawking has been pictured with a bunch of guys out on a stag do dressed as Bananaman.

Chris Hallum, 29, and his crew were wandering around lost in Cambridge on a boozy night out when they bumped into Hawking, who was more than happy to pose for a photo.

The 72-year-old's son even joked that he and his father should ditch their dinner plans and head out with the Bananamen.

"We only came across Professor Hawking because we were lost," Hallam said.

"We were just looking for a bar and spotted him getting out of his car.

"His son was with him and asking him "Should we ditch the meal and go out with these boys?"

"They could have just told us to carry on but they were all brilliant."

The stag later posted the picture on Facebook, to the utter disbelief of his friends.

"It's been mad," he added. "People just keep saying "I can't believe it, is it really him?'"