A Quick Chat With: Steve Jones

"The idea of being a politician makes my skin crawl."
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Steve Jones, 33, is a television presenter famous for presenting Channel 4's T4 programmes. He is also currently presenting 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow on BBC1.

If I weren't talking to you right you I'd normally be... I'd like to say Rock climbing or Spelunking but it's more likely to be Watching Deal or No Deal.

A phrase I use far too often is… There isn't one.

A common misperception of me is… well, it seems that people only know two things about me for certain. I'm Welsh and I like girls. Has there ever been anything written about me that hasn't stated "Welsh TV presenter" and "Who has been linked to X, Y and Z". In fairness though these are not misconceptions. I like Girls and I am Welsh.

The most surprising thing that happened to me was… becoming a TV presenter. I really didn't see that coming. I'm still surprised by it 10 years on. I'm sure there has been a clerical error somewhere.

I’m not a politician but… I would never, ever, ever be one. The very idea of it makes my skin crawl.

I’m good at… holding my breath. I can do it for 3 minutes. My Doctor tells me I have unusually large lungs. Of all the things that had to be unusually large i got lungs!

I’m bad at… spelling. I swear, if it wasn't for Rachel Riley I wouldn't even watch Countdown.

My ideal night out is… friends, family, food, booze and music.

In moments of weakness I… turn to my brain. 99 per cent of the time I'll think it through and come up with a solution. 1 per cent of the time I'll hit the bottle.

In another life I'd have been... a lower league footballer or a fireman. When I was a kid I wanted to be a fire engine. One day maybe, one day!

The best age to be is… what ever age you are today. Enjoy it because it will only happen once.

In a nutshell, my philosophy is… there is no past, there is no future, only the present. Memento Mori.

Steve Jones has been announced as ambassador for Very.co.uk 'Goodsouls' menswear collection which launches at www.very.co.uk today. The ‘GoodSouls’ range hopes to be the saviour of struggling men with a collection of casual streetwear featuring jumpers, shirts, suits and jackets to spice up men’s wardrobe with an effortless injection of style. Steve Jones’s appointment is a call to action for all men to take more interest in what they wear and how they wear it.