My Week: Lee McQueen

Last year's 'Apprentice' winner prepares for the London Marathon – but not before making his first deal for his new boss
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I have meeting in town to pitch Amscreen to a business. Amscreen is the out-of-home digital-signage division of Amshold, Sir Alan Sugar's company that I've been working for since winning The Apprentice last year. The meeting goes well, then I head home to relax. I'm taking it easy this week as I'm running the London Marathon on Sunday. I have pasta for dinner as I'm starting to "carb up". If I'm honest, I'm pretty frightened about Sunday. It's my first marathon; the furthest I've run before is 20 miles. What I can do after that is unknown.


I meet a healthcare organisation in Southampton to discuss them advertising on our Amscreen network. When work finishes I head home to relax (or as much as "work finishes" when you have a BlackBerry and you work for Sir Alan). I do a bit on my spinning bike in my home gym and then cook a pasta dinner for my fiancée and watch some football before going to bed.


I go to the ExCeL centre and register for the marathon. I've decided to run for Cancer Research UK, who I've chosen because of the fantastic work they do. The statistics on cancer are bleak, and it's almost certain to touch your life in some way, so I want to do my bit to contribute to fight against this terrible disease. I have a few more meetings and then go home and watch The Apprentice. I think it's a little early to pick a winner. The group that won this week was very good, I thought. It's great to be able to watch it as a fan, without worrying if anyone is going to cane me after.


I spend the day in the office, catching up on all my administration and making more appointments for next week. A press release comes out about Amscreen signing a contract with BP for a five-year deal. It's been my first deal for Sir Alan so I'm pleased. It's a great contract to win too; it's a major thing for me, really. I'm loving every minute of working for Sir Alan. I've learnt loads and it's been the perfect opportunity for me. I have an early night.


I go up to Newcastle-under-Lyme for a three-hour meeting before negotiating the M6. I had a black-tie charity event to go to tonight but I don't want to get tempted by any type of shenanigans before the marathon. I have to make sure I do myself proud in the marathon. Because of the shin splints, though, I'm mentally questioning whether I'm prepared and strong enough. I think I can handle it but it is a bit of the unknown because I've never done it before. This week's been fantastic with making my first deal, and if I can get around the four-hour mark on the marathon it will top my week off; it will be perfect.

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