Sean Penn writes utterly confusing op-ed on Red Cross aid distribution in Haiti

It is belived that the 54-year-old actor was trying to defend the organisation

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Sean Penn has written an op-ed piece following allegations that the Red Cross squandered hundreds millions of dollars and failed to help Haitian residents following the 2010 earthquke.

There’s just one problem with Penn’s piece (title: Our Cross to Bear) – it’s unintelligible.

The short article, published by the Huffington Post, appears to be trying to defend the Red Cross following a recent ProPublica article detailing the successive failures of the international organisation to distribute funds to the devastated nation’s inhabitants.

Penn, whose own relief organisation received almost $3million from the Red Cross, writes: “It is not the purpose of this piece to supply statistical debate, defense, or criticism.” Indeed.

Instead, he offers us such gems: "What my eyes have seen make me grateful to them."

The 54-year-old actor writes about the “concept” of aid, claiming it is a “constant exploration of societies and self.”

Social media users (from senior aid officials to experienced journalists) expressed their confusion over what point Penn was trying to make.

Meanwhile, Red Cross supporters stuck to the party line and thanked Penn for his “interesting” words.

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