Service appointments

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Vice-Admiral Sir Michael Layard KCB CBE, to be promoted Admiral and to assume the new combined appointment of Second Sea Lord/ Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command in April 1994.

Vice-Admiral RT Frere, to be appointed Chief of Fleet Support in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir Neville Purvis KCB in February 1994.

Rear-Admiral MC Boyce OBE, Flag Officer Surface Flotilla, to be promoted Vice-Admiral in February 1994.

Air Commodore RB Duckett, to be Aide-de-Camp to the Queen.



Captain: JGF Cooke - MOD (Central Staffa) in rank of Cdre; AD Ferguson - Staff of CINCNAVHOME; AM Gregory - BDS Washington in rank of Cdre; PG Hore - Staff of FO Plymouth; AG McEwen - Portsmouth as Captain of the Port; BS Morgan - MOD London in rank of Cdre; JJ Pearson - MOD DFCT; CR Style - Campbeltown in Cmd.

Acting Captain: AM Willmett - ARFPS.

Lieutenant-Colonels: DV Nicholls - MOD London; MJ Samuelson - Staff of CINCFLEET; RJ Williams - CTCRM.

Commanders: MEC Brown - MOD London; MKF Cocks - Staff of FONA; NJK Dedman - MOD London; MP Glancy - Staff of FOSF; SW Haines - RNEC Manadon; JM Knowles - Invincible; RJ Leeming - Invincible; AC Matters - Liverpool; DJM Mowlam - Nato Italy; CJ Parry - Gloucester in Cmd; IC Schreiber - MOD London; KDJ Slowe - Nato USA; BE Steed - Staff of FO Plymouth; GR Tull - MOD Portsmouth.

Chaplains: SAR Beveridge - HQRM; T. Devamanikkam - Drake; BDS Fairbank - Staff of FOSF Devonport; NJ Kelly - Staff of FOSF SEA Portsmouth; PB Martin - Neptune; SJS Shackleton - 45 CDO.

Retirements: Vice-Admiral Sir Neville Purvis; Commandant AC Spencer; Acting Lt-Col CJ Todd; Commander AL Horton.

The following officers have been appointed to the office of Second Sea Lord/Commander-in-Chief Naval Home Command:

Chaplain of the Fleet: MW Bucks.

Commodore: IW Craig.

Surgeon Commodore (D): TJC Hall.

Captains: JHAJ Armstrong; JFT Bayliss; B. Burns; PM Franklyn; DBR Hughes; AG Jones; WH Kelly; MLD Kendrick; RJ Lord; MJ Matthews; DC Murray; TJ Norman-Walker; RM Parker; GDB Robinson; SNG Sloot; NJ Tobin; AJ Wright.

Surgeon Captains: DM Crean; GHG McMillan; JO Soul; AP Steele-Perkins.

Surgeon Captain (D): EJ Grant.

Acting Colonel: MJ Meardon.

Commanders: DPG Abbott; WHJ Allen; GR Bartlett; TJ Barton; MG Bates; ARC Bennett; DJ Bittles; T. Blakeley; CR Brotherton; GW Browne; RPP Burkitt; AJB Cameron; RD Coupe; BJ Davis; KR Doney; RL Duke; SJ Ellins; RJS Endersby; MJ Evans; WDM Fairbairn; IK Goddard; RM Grainger; JWR Grant; WRJ Hockin; PR Hourigan; PJ Hughes; NC Jackson; WRS Jenkins; AD Johnson; TWD Le Manquais; RA Lindley; GT Mackie; N. Marks; PS Marley; RG Melly; GP Parker; J. Patrick; DW Pond; R. Porteous; NC Preston- Jones; MJ Priestley; JRM Prime; WR Rennison; K. Ridland; MJ Robbins; MS Rogers; DE Shone; RP Steele; WM Sutherland; PH Tatham; AF Walton; DE Whatmough;

R. Wilson.

Surgeon Commander: P. Litchfield; NV Morgan.

Surgeon Commander (D): GW Myers.

Chaplains: JRN Mullin; BF Neill; GW Craig.

Chief Nursing Officer: J. Bancroft; GM Comrie.

Retirements: Capt MC Gordon-Lennox; Surgeon Commander MN Jeffrey.