Someone made redirect to Kanye West's Wikipedia page

Website is probably a Beck reference

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Kanye West is a polarising individual. Personally I've come full circle and think Yeezus is a great record and admire the rapper's anger and keen sense of disgust, but it's fair to say he has as many detractors as admirers.

One of them made redirect to his Wikipedia entry this week, presumably a Beck reference as Loser is his most famous song. and still show pretty dated websites though if anyone fancies a buy-out.

Where redirects, at least for the moment

In the face of fresh criticism following his second award ceremony stage storm last month, Yeezy announced the name of his new album yesterday.

There is no release date for 'So Help Me God' yet, which he claims will feature "music that just feels good".

"My last album was a protest of music," he said. "This album’s just embracing the music, embracing joy, and just being of service to the people."

The album is part of a new positivity kick he seems to be on, having recently made a public apology to Beck.