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Sir John Newenham Summerson, of London NW3, the architectural historian, Curator of Sir John Soane's Museum 1945-84, Slade Professor of Fine Art, Oxford University 1958-59, left estate valued at pounds 1,420,438 net.

Sir Errol Lionel Dos Santos, of London W1, former Financial Secretary and Colonial Secretary in Trinidad, left estate valued at pounds 256,272 net.

Brigadier Peter Bevil Edward Acland, of Honiton, Devon, Vice Lord-Lieutenant of Devon 1962-78, left estate valued at pounds 260,896 net.

Miss Hilary Bertha Shuard, of Cambridge, late Deputy Principal of Homerton College, Cambridge, left estate valued at pounds 395,854 net. After personal bequests of pounds 1,100, she left the residue to Homerton College, to provide book prizes to those awarded First Class Honours Degrees.

Mr Dudley James Glanfield, of Windlesham, Surrey, Treasurer of the Society for Individual Freedom, left estate valued at pounds 2,272,159 net. He left his collection of old costumes and other historical articles of clothing to the Bath Museum of Costume; and pounds 500 to the Parochial Church Council of Chobham with Valley End.

Sir Charles Edward Mott-Radclyffe, of Matlaske, Norfolk, Conservative MP for Windsor 1942-70, left estate valued at pounds 4,086,474 net. He left pounds 1,000 each to Greshams School, Holt, for the benefit of school cricket, and the Norfolk County Cricket Club; pounds 200 each to St Mary's Church, Barningham Winter, and St Nicholas Church, Wickham, Hampshire; and pounds 100 to St John the Baptist Church, Shedfield, Hampshire.

Wing Cdr Roger Hargreaves, of Walesby, Lincolnshire, designer of the wooden vaulting-horse used by prisoners-of-war to escape from Stalag Luft III during the Second World War, left unsettled estate valued at pounds 115,601 net.

The Rev Arthur Kenneth Mathews, of Burford, Oxfordshire, left estate valued at pounds 287,882 net. He left pounds 500 to Ripon College, Cuddesdon; and pounds 200 each to the Chairmans Fund of the Norfolk Association and Oxfam.

Mr Robert Cecil William Harvey, of Woodbridge, Suffolk, left estate valued at pounds 1,396,412 net.

Mr Reginald Henry Cambidge, of Kinnerley, Oswestry, Salop, left estate valued at pounds 1,166,845 net.

Mrs Maureen Angela de Havilland, of London SW1, left estate valued at pounds 2,705,255 net.

Mr Arthur Albert Howard Harris, of Cleeve Prior, Worcestershire, left estate valued at pounds 1,091,821 net.

Mr Hedley Walter Haward, of Maiden Newton, Dorset, left estate valued at pounds 1,599,447 net.

Miss Fanny Wolfson, of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, left estate valued at pounds 206,161 net. She left her entire estate to the Royal Hallamshire Hospital Intensive Care Unit, Sheffield.

Mr Christopher Sedgwick, of Rawtenstall, Lancashire, left estate valued at pounds 242,111 net. He left his entire estate to the Salvation Army.