YouTube star Ingrid Nilsen comes out in emotionally charged video

Video has been viewed almost two million times since yesterday

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YouTube beauty expert Ingrid Nilsen has come out as gay in an emotionally charged video post.

In the 19-minute long clip, viewed almost two million times since yesterday, Nilsen explains that “because she wanted to be loved” she “supressed” her feelings from a very young age.

Nilsen, 26, who has just over three million subscribers to her YouTube channel, tells viewers in a halting voice: “I’m gay!”

She contines: “I want to live my life unapologetically because I am proud of who I am and I am not going to apologise for who I am anymore”.

At the end of the video Nilson says: “This is the life that I have always lived in my head and now it’s real.”

The YouTube star has had an overwhelmingly positive feedback from her video, with many taking to social media sites to congratulate her and her decision to come out.

A tweet promoting her video has been retweeted 16,000 and favourite almost 40,000 times.

Nilsen first started vlogging in 2009, mainly focussing on beauty and fashion, and has subsequently grown her channel significantly.