Sing It Kitty: Three launch another viral video

Three released a new clip today celebrating internet silliness

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From the guys who brought you the pony bouncing along the Scottish coast comes a new video celebrating internet silliness.

Mobile phone company Three today released Sing It Kitty, a 60 second clip featuring an eight-year-old girl and her kitten miming ‘ 80s band Starship’s ‘We Built This City’ anthem pedalling a pink tricycle through a suburban cul-de-sac.

Producers of the video hope they might have another hit on their hands after last year’s Dance Pony Dance, featuring a small Shetland pony showing off his moonwalking skills to Fleetwood Mac’s Everywhere, accumulated 8.3 million YouTube views.

London advertising agency Wieden & Kennedy, who created Sing It Kitty and Dance Pony Dance last year, are banking on the British public’s obsession with cats.

And the stats might back them up. According to figures released by Three yesterday, the British public posts more than 3.8 million pictures of cats every day, compared to only 1.4 million selfies.

Finally, the stats also revealed around 350,000 people in the UK have social media accounts set up for their cats, although why is another question entirely.

You can create your own version of the ‘epic and emotion-filled journey’ (according to the press release) here by pasting you and your friends faces into the video and then watching them bob through the air. Tweet the results using the hashtag #SingItKitty.