Is the right or left side of your brain more dominant? Take this quiz to find out

Interactive quiz claims to be able to answer the holy grail of pop-psychology in just 30 seconds…

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Is the left or right side of your brain more dominant? - It’s a common question in pop-psychology, even if the science behind it is questionable.

Now, a simple online quiz has claimed it can determine whether you are ‘right-brained’ or ‘left-brained’ in just 30 seconds - right down to percentages.

Developed by entertainment brain training firm Sommer+Sommer, questions assess preference over word or colour association, which side of the body you use to complete certain tasks and what images appeal most to you.

If your left side is more dominant, you are said to be more logical and rational, while more creative and chaotic types are branded as right siders.

The idea comes from findings that different areas of the brain are in charge of different functions, with the left hemisphere dealing with language processing and the right with spatial awareness.

It also affects whether you are right or left handed, with left handers having greater brain activity on the right side, and right handers having a more dominant left side of the brain.