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Blogging meltdown
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Reports of the death of blogging have been grossly exaggerated this week - despite bloggers blogging extensively about the death of blogging, in an attempt to counter the grossly exaggerated reports of the death of blogging.

Their concerted efforts have done nothing to change the figures from a recent Gallup poll investigating internet behaviour in the US. It reported that 80 per cent of respondents read no blogs at all, and that there has been no increase in blog readership over the past year.

Blogs have revolutionised personal web publishing. The number in existence is increasing rapidly, with search engine Technorati currently indexing 29.1 million of them. Blogging is a compulsive activity, with people desperate to share their thoughts, while others obsessively chase news, posting links to stories within seconds of them appearing. Some combine the two approaches, as with this 9/11 blog entry: "U knoe wut?? Todai was da terrisom terreroist thing. Well it was scaryy. Da pentagon, World trade thing. Wow. well todai was first practice of tennis. Hehe it was fun. Well dat'z it for now bye." And bloggers wonder why no one's reading?

Finding the people whose thoughts are worth perusing is the biggest problem faced by the blogosphere - but that hasn't daunted the imminently launching website Newsvine.com, whose potential to deliver information overload is terrifying. As well as publishing newsfeeds from across the world, it also invites subscribers to write their own blogs, whose content is also syndicated to the site. And to encourage people to write, they'll be giving 90 per cent of the advertising revenue that's generated by any column direct to its author.

Brace yourselves: the internet may disappear in a swathe of intense blogging feedback.