Brits spend 24 days a year procrastinating, study finds

Checking social media was one of the most popular means of procrastination

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Not doing things is one of the things we do most often, according to a new study, which found that Britons spend on average 11 hours a week putting things off.

This amounts to 24 days of procrastination a year.

Financial planning (12 per cent) was the thing the 2,017 adults put off most, followed by exercising (11 per cent), househould chores (9 per cent) and dieting (8 per cent).

The most popular means of procrastination proved to be watching TV, making a cup of tea or coffee, eating and checking social media.

Respondents in Belfast were the worst for not getting anything done, spending 63 hours a month procrastinating, followed by those in Leeds (54 hours) and London (53 hours).

The full top tens from the study, conducted by independent research company Censuswide for Beagle Street are as follows:

Top 10 most common things that people procrastinate about:

1.    Planning for financial future (12 per cent of vote)

2.    Exercising (11 per cent)

3.    Doing household chores (9 per cent)

4.    Dieting (8 per cent)

5.    Doing DIY (7 per cent)

6.    Going to the dentist (6.5 per cent)

7.    Doing important work (6 per cent)

8.    Making a big decision (5.8 per cent)

9.    Getting a health check-up (5 per cent)

10.Looking for a new job (4 per cent)

Top 10 ways people procrastinate:

1.    Watching TV (16 per cent of vote)

2.    Make a cup of tea / coffee (10 per cent)

3.    Eating (9.7 per cent)

4.    Browsing social media (9 per cent)

5.    Cleaning the house (6.3 per cent)

6.    Having a nap (6 per cent)

7.    Reading (5.8 per cent)

8.    Surfing YouTube (5.6 per cent)

9.    Go for a walk (5.2 per cent)

10.Go shopping (4 per cent)

The UK’s biggest procrastinators:

1.    Belfast (63 hours a month procrastinating)

2.    Leeds (54 hours a month)

3.    London (53 hours a month)

4.    Birmingham (52.5 hours a month)

5.    Norwich (52 hours a month)

6.    Bristol (51 hours a month)

7.    Brighton (48 hours a month)

8.    Southampton (47 hours a month)

9.    Sheffield (46.5 hours a month)

10. Manchester (45 hours a month)