David Cameron's bike stolen while he shopped

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David Cameron has become another victim of crime, it was disclosed today.

The Tory leader stopped off on his way home to buy some food for his supper only to have his mountain bike stolen.

A spokeswoman for Mr Cameron said the incident happened at about 6pm yesterday in Portobello Road close to his home in London's Notting Hill.

He chained it to a bollard while he went into the local Tesco store, only to return a few minutes later to find it gone.

The thieves had apparently lifted the bike - and the chain - over the bollard and vanished.

"I was cycling home and stopped to pick up some things for supper," Mr Cameron told London's Evening Standard newspaper.

"I chained the bike through the wheel then put it around one of those bollard things. I have reported it using the police's new online facility but I'm not expecting to get it back any time soon.

"If anyone has seen it I would very much like it back. To me it was absolutely priceless."

The spokeswoman said that he had had the bike for about five years and regularly used it to cycle to work at the Commons.

"He will have to get a new one when he gets back from his holidays," she said.