Man jailed for 1991 sex attack

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A serial sex offender who subjected a doctor to a "pitiless, wicked" attack two decades ago was jailed for nine years today after a cold case review.

Eli Morin, 47, indecently assaulted the woman, then in her 30s, after breaking into her south London flat in February 1991.

The doctor feared she would be killed as he put her through what a judge called "every woman's worst nightmare".

Morin, a petty criminal who was on probation for assault at the time, went on to carry out a rape after breaking into another woman's home five months later.

He got away with both crimes before being caught out for the second by DNA technology and jailed for nine years in 2005.

Morin, of Brixton, south London, had been due for release in April this year but a second review identified his fingerprints at the scene of the first attack.

He was arrested and pleaded guilty to burglary, indecent assault and causing actual bodily harm.

Detectives suspect that Morin may be responsible for further sex attacks.

The Old Bailey heard that his victim in the February 1991 incident had gone to bed when she heard noises and looked up "to her horror" to see his face leaning around the door to her room.

Peter Glenser, prosecuting, said: "She was the victim of a terrifying, violent, prolonged sexual assault that left her beaten, bloody and bruised."

Morin pinned her down on the bed and demanded to know where her valuables were, claiming he would not rape her, before sexually assaulting her. He also bit her hand and broke her rib during the attack.

Mr Glenser said: "She was absolutely convinced that she was going to die that night and she screamed as loudly as she possibly could."

Morin pushed her into a small table which crashed to the floor with a loud noise, before fleeing with jewellery, cash, a credit card and her wallet.

Judge Giles Forrester said what he did was "shocking" and "as bad a case of indecent assault as one finds".

He told Morin: "You subjected your victim to every woman's worst nightmare.

"Your victim was vulnerable and utterly defenceless. She was the victim of a pitiless, wicked crime."

The judge said that had he been sentencing using current guidelines rather than those in force at the time of the crime, he would have considered a life term.

Morin remains on the sex offender's register for life.