Murdered model's 999 call played to jurors

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Jurors at a murder trial broke down yesterday as a harrowing recording of the final moments of a teenage model fatally stabbed at her grandmother's house was played to them.

Amy Leigh Barnes made a desperate call to 999 on her mobile as she lay dying at her grandmother's house in Farnworth, near Bolton. She had been stabbed 10 times, allegedly by her ex-boyfriend, Ricardo Morrison.

Mr Morrison and Ms Barnes's family left the courtroom while the tape was played to Manchester Crown Court.

The 19-year-old, who had appeared in Hollyoaks as well as Cosmopolitan and Nuts magazines, cried down the phone: "I've been stabbed. I'm dying. Please help me." She told an operator: "He's stabbed me to death. I'm dying! Please help me!" When asked who had stabbed her, she replied: "My boyfriend... I'm going... I can't see."

Ms Barnes then slipped out of consciousness. The operator kept the line open, trying to reassure her, but there was no response. In the background, Ms Barnes's mother could be heard leaving frantic messages on the house phone, trying to contact her daughter.

Her father is then heard walking in to the house to find Ms Barnes in a pool of blood, breathing but not responding, her phone beside her. She was pronounced dead at hospital.

Mr Morrison, 21, from Birmingham, admits arguing with Ms Barnes but denies murdering her. His mother, Melda Wilks, is accused of helping to destroy evidence by washing her son's blood-stained clothes. The trial continues.

Emergency services: The call

Operator "Emergency, which service do you require?"

Loud screaming is followed by Amy saying: "I can't breathe! I've been stabbed! Please help me! Please help me!"

Operator "She says she's been stabbed."

Amy "I've been stabbed. I'm dying. Please help me!"

Operator "Where are you?"

Amy "26 Moss Street, Farnworth."

Operator "What?"

Amy "Moss Street, Farnworth."

Operator "What's happened?"

Amy "I'm dying! He's stabbed me to death. I'm dying! Please help me!"

Operator "Who?"

Amy "My boyfriend... I'm going... I can't see."

Operator "Where are you stabbed love?"

Amy "All over my body. I need help. Please help me."

Amy then falls unconscious.