Paranoid schizophrenic who raped prostitute faces years behind bars


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A paranoid schizophrenic man who repeatedly raped an escort in a nine-and-a-half hour ordeal at a hotel has been told it will be years before he is safe to be freed.

David Roderick, 35, paid for a 22-year-old prostitute to stay for one hour with him in Newcastle's Royal Station Hotel, but he tied her up and held her prisoner while he subjected her to a terrifying series of sexual attacks.

Recorder Ben Nolan said Roderick was a "very dangerous man" and imposed a hospital order meaning he will be treated for his mental illness and will only be released when a panel considers it is safe.

Roderick, who was dirty and had a long beard at the time of the New Year's Day offences, booked a room in the city centre hotel, then hired the escort to stay with him for an hour at a cost of £120, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

Almost immediately she felt uncomfortable and tried to get out of the arrangement, offering to give him his money back.

But Roderick locked the door, overpowered her, hid her mobile phone then tied her up with clothes and a rope he had brought with him.

Roderick, now clean-shaven and wearing a suit, admitted four counts of rape, one count of sexual assault and one of false imprisonment.

His victim was bound so tightly she feared her arms would break and she feared if she struggled she would strangle herself, the court heard.

While she was face-down on the carpet, Roderick punched her three times in the back of the head.

At one point he told her he had waited 20 years to do something like this, Christine Egerton, prosecuting, said and that during the ordeal: "She felt like she was going to die."

It was only when the escort's husband realised she was not at home that he raised the alarm by calling the police.

Miss Egerton said: "Police went to that hotel room and there they arrested him and found her in a very distressed state."

Bruising to her neck was found and the court heard she had been tied up for "a significant period".

Roderick, from Chestnut Hill, Carlisle, was examined by two psychiatrists who determined he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time, but his condition has improved enough for him to be fit to enter pleas.

As a result of the hospital order he will continue to be treated at Stockton Hall in York, described as a "medium secure unit", the court heard.

Recorder Nolan said: "Her ordeal lasted for something in the region of nine-and-a-half hours and I am satisfied she must have been absolutely terrified.

"You are, in my judgment, a very dangerous man."

The judge said an application for Roderick to be discharged would only be made "years from now at a time when everyone is satisfied that you are no longer dangerous".