Pensioner 'fatally knifed son after row'

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A pensioner killed his son by stabbing him through the heart following an argument, the Old Bailey heard today.

Ossie James, 74, told police that his son, Joseph, 44, went towards him "like a raging bull", but did not admit knifing him.

James, of Brockill Crescent, Brockley, south London, denies murdering Joseph, of Deptford, in February last year.

Neil Moore, prosecuting, said that, when police were called to James's home, they found Joseph in the hallway. He died a few hours later.

The attack appeared to have taken place in the kitchen where there was a pool of blood on the floor and specks around the room.

A bloodstained knife with a 8.6in (22cm) blade was found in a kitchen drawer.

Mr Moore said: "When the police arrived, they found the defendant sitting in a chair in the living room."

He had to be restrained by a number of officers as they tried to handcuff him.

James said Joseph had knocked him to the floor and collapsed after going to a cupboard, it was alleged.

The following day, he handed officers a prepared statement which said: "He came at me like a raging bull and pushed me down on the kitchen floor and hit me on the head with something. I did not murder him."