Surgeons save teacher's testicle after dog attack

Victim calls for the dog to be found and put down

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A teacher had his testicle saved by emergency surgery after we was attacked by a dog whilst jogging.

The dog - thought to be an English Bull Terrier - bit Joel Goodman, 28, in the groin. The dog's owner walked off, saying: "I'm not from around here."

The attack happened in Epping, Essex.

Mr Goodman made it to a friend's house and was driven to hospital. They got caught in rush-hour traffic but a passing police car gave them a lift.

They soon made it to Princess Alexandra Hospital, in Harlow, where Goodman underwent surgery.

The operation was a success but he has been left with psychological scars from the attack.

He said: "The dog came out of an alleyway and went straight for me and I did not even have chance to react.

"I did not even see it and it just took a bite.

"The incident was over so quickly but the consequences are going to last for a lot longer.

"Thankfully the doctors were able to save my testicle but I keep re-living the attack and am suffering from anxiety as a result of it."

Mr Goodman is now calling for the dog to be caught and put down before it has a chance to attack anyone else.

He added: "It is really hard to talk about this but something has to be done.

"I want the dog put down and the owner prosecuted before it happens to somebody else."

Police issued a description of the dog's owner following the 9am attack on March 26th.

He was of Eastern European appearance and aged between 35 and 40.