UK's 20 'most wanted' tax fugitives named


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Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs has taken a leaf out of the FBI's book, publishing the details of Britain's "most wanted" tax fugitives.

Tax inspectors hope that by naming and shaming the 20 men and women believed to be guilty of the biggest smuggling or tax fraud scams they can track them down. Together the 20 have allegedly cost the taxpayer £765m and may face lengthy jail sentences if they ever see the inside of a court. Many are said to be involved in the increasingly lucrative trade in tobacco smuggling, including Hussain Chohan, who is wanted for a £200m fraud. He is believed to be in Dubai. Others on the list include Cesare Selvini, believed to be hiding in Switzerland, who is wanted for smuggling £600,000 worth of platinum bars into the UK, and Yehuda Cohen, who allegedly ran two companies set up to undertake VAT fraud.