Alex Salmond issues Ice Bucket Challenge to David Cameron

Scottish first minister takes a soaking, after being challenged alongside Alistair Darling by James McAvoy

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As if the upcoming referendum on independence weren't enough, Alex Salmond has handed David Cameron another contest, after the Scottish first minister took the Ice Bucket Challenge and nominated the prime minister to take part.

Salmond said that he had seen David Cameron in a wetsuit — a apparent reference to the prime minister’s much-criticised decision to return to his holiday after after meetings about the rise of Isis — and challenged him, along with Salmond’s deputy Nicola Sturgeon. She took the challenge moments later.

He also said that he wanted to nominate the entire Scottish press corps, but chose to refine that to Brian Taylor, BBC Scotland’s political editor.

The challenge requires contestants to have a bucket of ice dumped on their head — hopefully encouraging donations and awareness raising — which then allows them to nominate others to take the challenge.

Salmond’s opponent in the referendum and head of the pro-union campaign Alistair Darling was nominated along with Salmond by Scottish actor James McAvoy and did the challenge on Friday. (Alex Salmond was slightly behind the 24 hour limit imposed by McAvoy, though he tweeted to accept the challenge within the deadline.)

Darling nominated the staff of the better together campaign — introduced at the beginning of his video as ‘wetter together’ — explaining that he was ‘the boss’ and could tell his staff to do anything he wanted.

Salmond had tweeted in the aftermath that he would take the challenge. He said: “I’m up for the #IceBucketChallenge — invigorating for the campaign! But Scottish media beware what you wish for – who will I nominate...?”