Bacon butty celebration for £56m white van man

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A self-confessed "white van man" today revealed how he celebrated Britain's biggest ever lottery win with a bacon roll.

Property maintenance man Nigel Page, 43, who won a £56 million share of Friday's EuroMillions jackpot, breakfasted on bacon butties at his local cafe with his partner Justine Laycock, 41, and their children.

The couple, who live near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, in a three-bedroom semi, both plan to give up their jobs.

Mr Page, who runs his own business, told a press conference today: "I'm a white van man, so I'm going to treat myself to a new car. I haven't had a car to myself for 10 years. The finance is due to run out on the van.

"I'll probably go a little more upmarket now. A BMW X5 or a Range Rover - just to get the kids and the dog in."

Recalling their modest celebrations after the news on Saturday Ms Laycock, an estate agent, recalled: "Camelot told us an adviser was on their way so while we waited we decided to go out and have some breakfast together as a family. It sounds bizarre but we just felt very calm."

The family sat around in silence at the Waitrose cafe before bursting out in laughter, the press conference in Bath, Somerset, was told.

Mr Page, a skydiving enthusiast who also represented Great Britain at Judo when he was 12, had only recently started playing the lottery online.

He had won a modest £55 earlier in the week and then re-invested some of his winnings on two Lucky Dips. Those turned out to be "Very Lucky Dips" he said.

When he logged back into the account, Mr Page was stunned to find he had won.

He said: "I started shaking and couldn't speak. I just kept looking at the screen in front of me but couldn't say a word."

Ms Laycock had been out on the previous night and also bought a ticket.

She quipped that thanks to the massive jackpot win, she thought "the machine would explode, smoke would come out from it with ticker-tape and glitter and gold-painted Egyptian men would come out and carry me off".

But the reality was rather different. When they told Justine's daughter Georgia, 15, her reaction was muted.

Mr Page said: "Typical teenager - 'Whatever!' The believe it now. They were really good, really level-headed. They haven't asked for much."

The couple have three children from previous relationships. The youngsters have joked about getting a tarantula and Nigel's daughter Ella, 12, has asked for a Shetland pony. Ms Laycock's son Jacob, 11, completes the family.

Romantic Mr Page also revealed he had forgotten to get the love of his life a Valentine's day card "with one thing and another". But he was going to make up for it now, he said.

The couple, both divorcees, may finally marry.

Mr Page said: "It's something we will consider when we've had a chance to think about it and when everything settles down."

The pair met when they "just bumped into each other at the cinema", their children swapped numbers and they grew closer.

Ms Laycock added: "We couldn't have wished for this. It's amazing. We are going to utilise this 100%. We have family and friends who are very close and we are going to sort them out."

As for her own dreams she said: "I'd love a house where I can open the back door and just chuck the ball to the dog and just run and run..."

Her boss was "devastated" when she told him the news she was leaving the estate agent's office in Cirencester.

But as for the Cotswolds town itself, the family have no plans to uproot and move somewhere warmer.

She said: "We love Cirencester. The people there are amazing. The children have so many friends and we have so many friends."

She also said that her partner was in desperate need of a new pair of pyjama bottoms.

The ticket Ms Laycock bought has not even been checked, so in theory the couple couple could win even more money.

Mr Page also joked that he will continue playing, as his online account still had £53 in it "that needs to be used up".

He added: "Perhaps we'll just jet out somewhere into the sunset, go somewhere warm for a week or so."

Ms Page interrupted: "It's not half-term yet!"