Conservative councillor suspended after suggesting travellers should be 'executed'

Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative Party confirmed they will suspend Alan Mellins over the remarks

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A Conservative councillor has been suspended over remarks suggesting that travellers should be “executed”.

Alan Mellins, a Tory councillor for Windsor and Maidenhead, made the “ill judged” remark at a local council panel meeting at the beginning of the week.

He has since apologised for the remarks and offence caused.

The borough’s Conservative Party has called the comment “deplorable” and one that was “not tolerated” by any party, in remarks quoted by the BBC.

David Burbage, Windsor and Maidenhead Conservative Party leader, said the comment was “being taken extremely seriously”.

Cllr Mellins, who chairs the Visitor Management Forum and Leisure Culture and Libraries Overview and Scrutiny Panel for Windsor Council, was asked on Monday what could be done to speed up the process evicting travellers during a planning panel meeting and allegedly responded: “execute them.”

The Cox Green councillor said to the Maidenhead Advertiser shortly after the event: “The remark was an ill judged remark, which I did not intend to be taken seriously. It doesn't reflect my views."

Cllr Mellins continued: "I do not have any prejudices. I do not consider myself to have any anyway."

The councillor has been suspended from the party and from his council positions pending further investigation.