Dating website asked bisexual users to pay for two accounts

Users who wished to search for both men and women had to pay for two separate subscriptions

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Dating website asked bisexual customers to pay for double the standard subscription cost in order to search for both men and women.

A bisexual user was told by the site last year they would need to pay twice the subscription cost in order to search for male and female members, according to Pink News.

The message also contained an apology from the company, which recognised it was “not an ideal solution” to the issue.

Subscription costs to start at £6.49 and can be as high as £29.99 per month, meaning a bisexual user would therefore need to pay up to £60 in order to interact with both sexes.

The reply, which was sent last August, said: “We understand you are bisexual and would like to be able to search for both men and women.

“Bisexual members would be required to have two separate profiles. Unfortunately, this would mean purchasing two separate subscriptions.

“Please accept our apologies as we realise this is not an ideal solution."

In a statement to The Independent, a spokesperson for said their policy had changed today to ensure prospective bisexual members will not have to pay two subscription fees if they contact customer services.

"As with a number of dating sites within the UK, it is not possible to set up a profile to review both male and female profiles at the same time," it said.

"Therefore  bisexual members will need two separate profiles. They should simply get in touch with our customer care team who will be happy to help them set up both profiles as part of their existing subscription.

"Our Customer Care team is available to help on 020 305 96 492. Lines are open from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday."