The dog breed most likely to bite you has been revealed

The culprit is a popular family pet

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The dog most likely to attack has been revealed and it may come as a surprise.

The family favourite labrador is responsible for the highest number of canine attack personal injury claims, according to research by pet insurers Animal Friends.  

And man's best friend is often postman's worst enemy with allmost a third of incidents involving delivery workers and postal staff.

Men are more likely to be bitten than women.  

Dr Roger Mugford, an animal psychologist, says postal workers should try to ‘befriend’ the dogs and keep them happy by ‘always carrying a bag of treats’.

He said: “Once a postman befriends a dog, they will be friends for life.

“To say that dogs can smell fear I am sure is very true. The way we move and the way we think is communicated to a dog.

“Dogs are really good at picking up on people and they remember everything, so the best advice is to make friends with them rather than enemies.”

Cat attacks postman

Dr Mugford says more male postal workers are attacked because men are more likely to become aggressive and defend themselves, which can make things worse.

He added: “It is remarkable that more dogs do not bite more people as they have a pack mentality and their family becomes their pack so they are protective.”

Other breeds most commonly associated with attacks are German shepherds, Staffordshire bull terriers and border collies. 

The family favourite labrador is among the breeds most likely to bite (Getty)

Dog attacks on postmen and women increase by 10 per cent during the summer holidays when more children and their pets in the garden, according to Royal Mail research.

Common injuries include finger amputations,  scarring and nerve damage. 

Royal Mail revealed there were 2,600 dog attacks against their staff last year, with Nottinghamshire recording the highest number of incidents. 

One owner was recently fined £8,800 after his dog bit a postwoman as she put letters through the door.

Dr Shaun Davis, Royal Mail’s director of health and safety, said: “As a dog owner myself, I know that the overwhelming majority of dogs are friendly most of the time. But even the most placid animal will defend itself if it feels its territory is being threatened.

“Our postmen and women deliver to over 29 million addresses across the country. We ask them to exercise caution and respect for all family members, including pets when delivering the mail. This summer, we are also appealing to dog owners and their families to help reduce the numbers of attacks, particularly at the door and in the garden.”

Some 32,507 Labrador puppies were registered with the Kennel Club in 2015, making it the most popular dog in the UK. 

The Kennel Club websites refers to them as a  “placid and loyal dog”. 

Liverpool police revealed last year that Jack Russell terriers were responsible for the most dog bites in the city.