How much does he earn?: No 48: The Rt Rev Michael Turnbull, Bishop of Durham

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The Rt Rev Michael Turnbull, Bishop of Durham

Age: 58

Salary: pounds 23,610 a year. Retains the title of bishop until he dies, although he is paid a church pension after he retires.

Perks: As the fourth most senior clergyman in the Church of England he gets free accommodation in Auckland Castle, a Vauxhall Carlton plus chauffeur, and a throne in Durham Cathedral. He is the patron of 101 livings, the Archdeaconeries of Durham and Auckland and all the Canonries in the cathedral. He leads a flock of 1.4 million people, has a seat in the House of Lords and is a Church Commissioner. On arrival in the diocese, he was presented with a 700- year-old sword known as the Conyers Falchion as a mark of his new authority by the Mayor of Darlington.

Educated: Ilkley Grammar School; Keble College, Oxford (MA); St John's College, Durham (Dip Th).

Recreations: Cricket, family life.

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