'Inseparable' elderly couple suffering health problems jump to their deaths together

Glenys and Royston Smith left note to sons saying it was 'the best way'

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An inseparable elderly couple jumped to their deaths in “each others’ arms” when their failing health became too much to bear, an inquest heard.

Royston and Glenys Smith, were found dead after falling from their flat in Crag Head, Bournemouth, on 3 December last year.

An inquest at Bounemouth Coroner’s Court heard they had left a note for their two sons saying: “Sorry boys. This is the best way. Too much pain. Love mum and dad,” the Bournemouth Echo reported.

The great-grandparents, aged 91 and 88, had feared being separated and put into care after their health deteriorated last year.

Mr Smith was battling prostate cancer and his wife suffered a back injury and osteoporosis, according to the Bournemouth Echo.

The inquest heard Mr Smith told a cleaner in his flat block they feared they were becoming a burden on their family, who had been discussing finding them a care home where they could live together.

Their son, Michael Smith, said: “The family believe they would have fallen together. They always were and always will remain inseparable.”

Coroner Sherriff Payne recorded a verdict of suicide, adding: “It was a committed decision they made, carried out together almost in each others' arms.”