Three die in helicopter crash

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Three people died today when a helicopter crashed in a field, the Air Accident Investigation Board said.

The private Gazelle helicopter came down near Langley Hill Farm in Winchcombe near Cheltenham at about midday.

The AAIB said it could not confirm whether there was anybody else on board.

But a woman living on an adjoining farm said she believed one of the helicopter passengers may have been a child.

The employee at nearby Langley Farm, who did not want to be named, told how the helicopter came down in heavy mist.

She said: "It's an awful tragedy and it's amazing we didn't see or hear it come down.

"We were all out and about this morning but my neighbour, Gill, came across the wreckage as she put out her animals.

"It was on fire and was still burning after emergency services arrived.

"It's a horrible situation for everyone concerned - there are ambulances and rescue crews still here now."

Elizabeth Teague, 58, who lives on Harveys Lane, below Langley Hill, said: "We've seen a lot of activity going on, a lot of emergency vehicles.

"There were about six fire engines going up, an ambulance, police vehicles and there was a lot of helicopter activity.

"It seems like a large operation. Police have shut the end of the road."

She said it was not unusual to see Army or private helicopters flying in the area.

"The weather wasn't particularly bad. It was just a dank November day."