Victory for mother as inquest quashed

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A mother who has fought a seven-year campaign to discover why her Jewish son died after attending a conference of far-right extremists in Germany has won the right to have a second inquest into his death.

Two judges at the High Court yesterday decided that there was enough evidence of foul play to warrant a new inquest into how Jeremiah Duggan died on a dual carriageway in Wiesbaden in March 2003. His mother, Erica, believes the evidence points to her 22-year-old son being murdered and says new evidence has come to light since an initial inquest, which recorded an open verdict.

Duggan was studying at the Sorbonne in Paris. He had travelled to Wiesbaden to attend an anti-Iraq war conference. It was organised by the La Rouche movement, a far-right group with anti-Semitic streaks that has been described by the Metropolitan Police as "a political cult with sinister and dangerous connections".

Lord Justice Elias said yesterday that fresh evidence suggested that Duggan's death may have occurred somewhere other than on the B455 highway near Wiesbaden. He said: "It is necessary that this fresh inquest is held if for no other reason than to seek to allay the suspicions raised by the evidence which has now been produced. We are not saying what the outcome will be, but merely it is in the interests of justice to quash the [first] inquest."