Nigel Farage: David Moyes should join Ukip

He got Manchester United out of Europe, and now Farage thinks he could do the same for the UK

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Nigel Farage has suggested that ejected Manchester United manager David Moyes should join Ukip.

The party leader, who is known for his staunchly anti-EU stance, made the quip at the launch event for the party’s controversial poster campaign, which have been branded as ‘racist’ by observers.

Mr Farage was asked by a reporter, "Are you concerned about an EU migrant taking David Moyes' job?”

He replied: “Well one thing about Moyes is he's managed to get Manchester out of Europe, so maybe he might come and join Ukip during this campaign”.

And of course, Mr Farage couldn’t resist the opportunity to criticise rival parties.

Quizzed about the accusations of racism from a Labour MP, Mr Farage replied: “That’s classic of a type of Labour MP who’s wanted to supress debate on this question, brush it under the carpet and try and decry anybody that wants to discuss this as being racist”.

“This, emphatically, is not a racist party,” he added.