Night of erotica on Channel Four

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A season of late Saturday night programming devoted to erotica, the sex industry and the body trade around the world are among the highlights of a £53m new year schedule launched by Channel 4 yesterday For eight weeks, the Red Light Zone will explore pornography, urban prostitution and the growth in adult entertainment, taking in the row between Playboy and the New York Police Department that flared after an officer, Carol Shaya, bared all in the magazine.

Stuart Cosgrove, who commissioned the series for Channel 4, said the film-makers had no preconceived hangups about sexual representation. They wanted to make programmes that were forthright and honest rather than hide behind the sometimes confused curtains of political correctness."

The schedule also includes a night of programming dedicated to cannabis, a powerful new inner-city school drama written by Jimmy McGovern, the creator of Cracker, and the Cheltenham Festival of racing, poached from the BBC. To mark possibly the final twist in the Jordache storyline, Brookside will switch to five nights a week for one week only at the end of January.