8 charts that reveal what people think about Jeremy Corbyn on the issues that really matter

Only on the NHS does the new Labour leader win a net-positive rating when voters are asked whether they trust or distrust Corbyn on the main issues

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Jeremy Corbyn has had a rocky first few days as Labour leader since his historic landslide victory on Saturday.

He has been roundly ridiculed in the media, received widespread criticism from his fellow Labour MPs and has already been forced into a series of embarrassing U-turns over his stance on the EU, the benefit cap, his refusal to sing the national anthem and his opposition to wearing a poppy for Remembrance Sunday.

And in the first in-depth polling since his election as leader, fewer than one in five voters think that he has a chance of winning the 2020 election.

But an assured performance at Prime Minister's Questions yesterday managed to steady the ship and has given him breathing space to try and build his pitch to the electorate.

Mr Corbyn's individual policies, as The Independent showed earlier this week, are more popular than all the dire predictions of electoral disaster might suggest.

However the YouGov polling released on Thursday reveals a similar pattern to the problem Ed Miliband faced - some of his policies were indeed very popular, but voters' trust in him was significantly lacking.

On all main issues apart from the NHS, Mr Corbyn suffers an overall negative rating when voters are asked whether they trust him.

Here's how the public view him on eight key areas: