Baroness Lawrence: Stephen's mother Doreen set to join House of Lords as Labour peer


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Doreen Lawrence, the mother of Stephen Lawrence who was murdered in a racist attack in 1993, is to be made a Labour peer in the House of Lords.

The Independent understands the Cabinet Office will make the announcement tomorrow.

Ms Lawrence campaigned tirelessly for her son’s killers to be brought to justice after he was stabbed to death at a bus stop in south east London aged 18. Ms Lawrence believed the Metropolitan Police’s subsequent investigation was flawed, involving elements of racism.

In 1999 the Macpherson Inquiry established the Met police was ‘institutionally racist.’

Ms Lawrence also founded the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and sits on panels within the Home Office.

In May 2011, following a cold case review, it was announced two of the original suspects, Gary Dobson and David Norris were to stand trial for Stephen’s murder. In January 2012, both Dobson and Norris were found guilty of murder and were ordered to spend a minimum of 15 years in prison.

Lib Dem donor who made a big noise gets a peerage

The multimillionaire founder of the Ministry of Sound nightclub will be named as a new Liberal Democrat peer.

James Palumbo, who has donated more than half a million to the party, is one of around 30 new peers. His ennoblement will again raise questions about the award of honours to party donors, which would give them a say in legislation.

Since 2011 Mr Palumbo has donated over £643,000 to the Liberal Democrats in cash, staffing costs and premises. Mr Palumbo is a friend of Nick Clegg and has dined with the Deputy Prime Minister at Chevening. In the last London mayoral campaign he allowed his nightclub to be used as its headquarters.