Cameron asked to apologise for 'dwarf' jibe at Bercow

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The Prime Minister was urged to apologise last night after making a joke about the height of the Speaker of the House of Commons and comparing him to a dwarf.

David Cameron was addressing journalists at a Parliamentary lunch when he made a series of jokes at the expense of John Bercow, the 5ft 6in Speaker.

One of the jibes made light of Mr Bercow's height and it prompted John Connerty, of a charity set up to help people with dwarfism, to demand an immediate apology.

"It is totally irresponsible," said Mr Connerty, of the Walking With Giants Foundation. "It's insulting and stereotypical. He should apologise strongly. Refering to someone as a dwarf because of their lack of height is a distasteful thing to say."

The joke made by the Prime Minister told how Health Minister Simon Burns, had backed his car into the Speaker's official vehicle. An angry Mr Bercow, said the Prime Minister, stormed out of his apartment shouting, "I'm not happy!" prompting Mr Burns to respond: "Well, which one [of the Seven Dwarfs] are you?"