Campaign for Democracy: 28,425 responses ... and still counting

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A total of 28,425 readers have so far responded to The Independent's Campaign for Democracy, including 16,367 who have written in. By 4pm yesterday we had also received 12,058 online messages of support.

The campaign continues. If you are in favour of making the composition of the House of Commons more representative of the way the country casts its votes, we invite you to make the case directly to the Prime Minister, by filling out the form below and posting it to us. The names of those who join our campaign will be collated and the list delivered to Downing Street.

The momentum for incorporating proportional representation into the electoral system is growing. The practicality of PR has been proved in the election of UK members of the European Parliament and the additional member systems in the Scottish and Welsh Assemblies. The case is strong, so what we need is pressure on the Prime Minister to force his hand.