David Cameron eats hotdogs with a knife and fork

But is he really so posh or just painfully stage-managed?

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David Cameron’s campaign trail took him to an intimate family barbecue this weekend, where he tucked into a nice hotdog.

The intimate occasion, attended by a number of political journalists and press agency photographers, revealed one strange thing about the Prime Minister’s eating habits, however.

Mr Cameron was pictured eating a hotdog with a knife and fork, leading Twitter to brand the Eton-educated lineal descendant of King William IV “posh”.

But could the Prime Minister really not bear the thought of eating a sausage without silver service?

One alternative theory is that the Prime Minister was desperate to avoid looking like an average human being does when eating the sausage – ridiculous.

Mr Cameron’s image advisors will have had a recent incident involving Labour leader Ed Miliband and a bacon sandwich in mind.

miliband-selwyn.pngThe image-conscious Tory leader may have been stage managed one step too far at this photo-op.

The incident recalls a 2012 visit to a US basketball game with President Obama, where the Daily Mail  newspaper reported that "the posh Dave struggled to eat a hotdog without silver service".

He may still be struggling with the concept of street food.