Donald Macintyre's Sketch: Punch and Judy return to PMQs


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True, no one remembers manifestos, including Labour’s in 2010, with the strange cover of a family staring across fields at a blaze of light which might have been a sunrise but looked more like a nuclear explosion. But David Cameron should have given it the once-over before claiming that it pledged to sell off the Royal Mail.

It must have been the renewed heat of Prime Minister’s Questions that got to him, for we were back in the bear pit today.

The PM was not the “Wolf of Wall Street but the dunce of Downing Street” for allowing investors to sell shares they had bought at “mates’ rates”, said Ed Miliband. And he was as “red as a postbox” with embarrassment at losing the taxpayer £1.4bn.

Cameron, however, said he would not take lessons from “the two muppets” who advised Gordon Brown to sell gold at a loss of £9bn.

It was the Labour leader’s day, for sure. But more for the argument than the quality of the insults.