Extra cash for designing Trident's replacement


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The Government has awarded an additional £315m for the designing of the next generation of nuclear submarines, Philip Hammond, the Defence Secretary, will announce today.

The replacement for Trident is an issue that divides the Coalition, and no final decision will be made until 2016, after the next general election. There is also uncertainty about whether an independent Scotland would host a nuclear deterrent.

The new tranche of money for the Successor submarine, following an initial £328m contract, will go to BAE systems which said it will sustain the jobs of 1,000 workers at its site in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, and more design engineers will be recruited.

Mr Hammond said: "We are confident the Scottish people will choose to remain part of the United Kingdom. The Faslane complex is the largest employment site in Scotland with over 6,000 jobs underpinning the local economy."