Jeremy Corbyn just gave his first big interview – and people loved it

Twitter awash with praise for Labour leader’s honesty on Andrew Marr Show

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Jeremy Corbyn’s first big TV interview, on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, has been received with praise on social media.

Speaking ahead of the Labour conference in Brighton, the party’s new leader made a series of frank admissions over big, divisive issues – including Northern Ireland, Trident and Islamic State – that many political leaders shy away from.

But despite saying Britain should scrap its nuclear deterrent and hinting that he favours a united Ireland – both political heresies in Westminster – viewers appeared to lap up the controversial statements.

The interview took place in Brighton, ahead of the Labour conference there

The twittersphere was clogged with users falling over themselves to praise Mr Corbyn’s refreshing method of answering a journalist’s questions at face value.







Many viewers were critical of Marr's interview style accusing the veteran interviewer - who claims to have been a 'raving leftie' while at Cambridge University – of relying on claims made in the tabloid press and online.







Mr Corbyn readily admitted there are divisions in Labour – including in the shadow cabinet – over some policies.

He said there may be a 'difference of opinion' within the Labour front bench when Parliament votes over the renewal of Trident.

He also said there 'may well be' a difference of opinion within Labour over air strikes against Isis in Syria, saying the party’s policy would be decided by backbench MPs and the shadow cabinet together.

But even Mr Corbyn’s strongest New Labour critics had to admit he gave a strong performance on the show.