Lib Dems recruit Eno as advisor

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Indy Politics

The former Roxy Music keyboard wizard Brian Eno has been enlisted as the Liberal Democrat leader's adviser on reaching out to young people.

Mr Eno, 59, who is known for producing records with bands such as U2 and singers such as David Bowie, as well as his pioneering work with electronic music, will help the party appeal to people who have shunned conventional politics.

The composer and producer will report to Nick Clegg as part of his plans to break beyond traditional politics.

In a letter to Mr Eno, Mr Clegg said: "Your role will be to bring ideas to me on how to engage and support people who are traditionally excluded from politics, particularly young people. I believe that your skills and experience in teaching, culture, and working with young people, makes you ideally qualified for this role."

Mr Eno said: "Because of what I do I have some sort of credibility with young people which means that they are probably willing to talk to me in a way they might not to others."