Nick Clegg sympathises with Ed Miliband as he tackles a bacon sandwich

Embattled Lib Dem leader manages to look normal as he eats a bacon sandwich live on air

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With polls and rumours swirling around Westminster regarding Nick Clegg’s leadership of the Liberal Democrats, the embattled deputy prime minister managed to pass one key test today: eating a bacon sandwich.

On Thursday morning, LBC presenter Nick Ferrari challenged Clegg to eat a bacon butty after Ed Miliband struggled to look normal as he took a bite into the breakfast delicacy last week, leading to much embarrassment and a dreaded meme.

In contrast, Clegg was the model bacon sandwich eater, taking one smooth bite and promptly wiping his mouth. Ferrari commented of Clegg’s devouring: “Now that is how to eat a bacon sandwich”.

However, Clegg was quick to sympathize with Miliband following the negative press coverage of his bacon battle. “I think this is very unfair because I don’t think anyone looks very elegant,” Clegg told Ferrari. “I thought it was a bit unfair on poor Ed Miliband.”

Addressing Ferrari, he added, “I guarantee you, if you were to eat the rest of it and I was to take thousands of pictures while you were doing it, I could manage to produce an unflattering or two (photographs) of you.”

Miliband’s unfortunate “bacongate” photographs last week were part of a series of media gaffes from the opposition leader, such as failing to know how much his family’s weekly shop amounted to despite campaigning on the cost-of-living crisis.


Both Miliband and Clegg have come under fire from some members within their respective parties following disappointing results in the recent local and European elections.