Nigel Farage compared to Jesus by Ukip candidate Winston McKenzie

He also compared the leader to Teflon and said criticism just doesn't stick

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Nigel Farage has been likened to Jesus by Ukip’s Commonwealth spokesperson, Winston McKenzie.

In an interview with Chat Politics, he said the Eurosceptic “army” was behind their leader, who can “do no wrong”.

“Jesus was one man, we’re his army. Farage is one man, and we’re his army and that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

“Farage is like (non-stick) Teflon – he can do no wrong. Everywhere he goes, it doesn’t matter what he says or does - he gets away with it.”

Mr McKenzie, famed for having joined every major political party in the UK but never winning an election, most recently stood for Ukip in the 2012 Croydon North by-election, receiving 6 per cent of the vote.

He has unsuccessfully run as an MP, the Mayor of London (against Boris Johnson) and as a local councillor but insisted he is still “needed” in politics.

Showing his support for Ukip with a purple fox badge “made in the likeness of Mr Farage”, Mr McKenzie told Chat Politics the Eurosceptic party was stealing Tory “hens” from the Parliamentary coop but struggled to remember defectors’ names.

“Douglas and…the other guy,” he said, referring to former Conservative MP Mark Reckless, now Ukip’s representative for Rochester and Strood.

When quizzed on his party’s immigration policy, Mr McKenzie advocated the introduction of an unspecified quota and defined British as anyone who “works and stands of for the traditions of the place where they live”.

When questioned on same-sex marriage, he claimed that it was “not something that Christians would advocate” and raised the concept of being “genuinely gay”.

“I have nothing against gay people, I’m not some kind of homophobe but I am entitled to express my heartfelt opinion,” he added. “I’m not going to be drawn on that because I know what will happen.”

Mr McKenzie, a former hairdresser, said he maintains it as a hobby because: “I love the women it gets me closer to the ladies, I find out what they're thinking.”

He made a rap video for the 2008 London elections and tried to achieve pop stardom in 2005 with a run on the X Factor.

The interview ended with Mr McKenzie to the camera about the Conservative-Lib Dem Coalition, adding: "I’m not your average politician."