Brexit debate live: Government refuses to say if UK will remain in single market

It comes as the PM is forced into a climbdown by Labour and Tory rebels over plans on Europe

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Welcome to The Independent's live coverage of today's PMQs and Opposition day debate on Brexit. Here are the latest updates:


Jeremy Corbyn is set to face Theresa May at Prime Minister’s Questions for the first time since the party conferences. It emerged on Tuesday that Ms May has been forced to give way in a row with MPs over how much influence Parliament has over her Brexit plan. The PM was effectively pushed into allowing Tory MPs to vote for a Labour motion calling for greater scrutiny of her Brexit proposals, after it became clear some were planning to do so anyway. So, it is likely Mr Corbyn will press the PM on this issue.

It also comes after Labour released a list of 170 questions about Brexit it says the Government must answer as it moves towards secession negotiations with the EU. Questions posed by the party include which trade arrangements the Government has ruled out, whether Britain would continue to pay into the EU budget, and whether it would be bound by EU regulations.

However, the Labour leader could face a difficult time in the Commons if Ms May brings up a recent poll giving her party a 17-point lead over Labour. Although Tory divisions have been displayed over the terms of leaving the European Union – and one MP describing the “tyranny” of the Government’s approach – Labour appears to be paying the price after a summer of in-fighting and a bitter leadership contest.

At 26 per cent, Labour's polling is only one point higher than their lowest ICM polling of 25 per cent in June 2008 during Gordon Brown’s premiership.

Following PMQs, there will then be an Opposition day debate discussing parliamentary scrutiny over the UK leaving the EU.