'Sofa of despair’': It's the Coalition buzz-phrase generator


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The Communities Secretary, Eric Pickles, visited Leicester County Hall and expressed his desire to get people who don’t have jobs “off the sofa of despair

It’s not the first ham-fisted buzz-phrase to be put forward by members of the Coalition Government, remember Nick Clegg’s “alarm-clock Britain”? To lend our busy ministers a hand, here’s a cut-out-and-keep tool for creating new, aspirational buzz-phrases.

You are welcome.

Choose a verb

Throw, alight, despatch, reach, lift, raise, tear 

Choose a pronoun

Yourself, everybody, us, them 

Choose a preposition

On, for, to, of, from + the

Choose an object

Broken, settee, untrimmed, hedge,  iffy kettle, B-road, musty attic, plastic bag, slag heap +of

Choose a feeling

Despair, sorrow, hope, joy, aspiration, alienation, unemployment


Tear yourself from the B-road of alienation