Wavering ministers are threatened with reshuffle

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Tony Blair is holding the threat of a reshuffle over his ministers to ensure their loyalty ahead of a crunch vote on schools.

The Prime Minister has told senior colleagues he will not carry out the shake-up until after the Commons battle over the Education Bill next month.

Mr Blair raised expectations of an imminent reshuffle on Friday when he announced he is creating a new cabinet post to tackle social exclusion. But a delay until after the schools vote will help wavering backbenchers vote with the Government in the hope of a job while giving ministers tempted to stir disloyalty pause for thought.

John Cruddas, a former No 10 adviser and now Labour MP for Dagenham, said Mr Blair should "tilt" the reforms to win as much support as possible. He tellsGMTV today that relying on Tory support would be "dangerous" for Mr Blair.

* The Government is to unveil new safeguards this week to prevent paedophiles and other criminals from working with children and vulnerable adults.