Scottish Independence: What does the Saltire flag symbolise?

Next week, Scots will vote in the referendum on independence

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The Saltire is the flag of St Andrews, a white diagonal; cross on a blue field, supposedly the Christian symbol for the crux decussate, the shape on which the saint was crucified. But it means more than that.

It is iconically Scotland: Murrayfield in the annual  battle against England; Bruce and Bannockburn  and the battle against King  Edward’s England  - any battle against England.

And in case Ed Miliband - who has called on people across the UK to fly the flag - doesn’t know, it’s the oldest continuous sovereign flag in the world. 

It was incorporated into the design of the Union Jack – but doesn’t represent the Union.

When the early Scottish nationalists were looking for a representative symbol they struggled, because the Saltire wasn’t theirs.

But it is now. Mr Miliband’s efforts to reclaim the Saltire looks strangely ill-timed.