Remarkable video shows London underground passengers spontaneously burst into song

Unidentified man was caught on camera serenading Northern Line passengers at Kentish Town

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A spontaneous sing-a-long isn’t something necessarily associated with Londoners, but that was exactly what happened on a London underground platform earlier this week.

Caught on camera, passengers waiting for the Northern line – always a reason to be depressed – at Kentish Town were somewhat surprised when one man burst into Erasure song ‘A Little Respect’.

Instead of burying their heads in their collars and trying desperately to pretend an adult male wasn’t belting out a classic ‘80s chart-topper, people along the platform joined the man in the impromptu performance.

Although some passengers do look suitably British (and therefore embarrassed) most of the waiting crowd join in as many urge the unidentified man to keep singing, clapping and cheering his performance.

At the end one woman even shouts: “Don’t stop!”

The YouTube video was uploaded earlier today, but it remains unclear both who the man is and when the event actually happened.