Boys killed by 80mph train on gated rail crossing

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Police are investigating the death of two 16-year-old boys hit by a train travelling at 80mph at a foot crossing in London.

The teenagers were struck by the Stansted Express at a gated crossing in Edmonton, north London. British Transport Police said they were investigating "all aspects of the accident".

The train driver told British Transport Police that he sounded his horn and slammed on his brakes when he saw five teenagers on the line on Friday night. Police said the other youths seen at the site left the scene before the emergency services arrived.

Inspector Gary Young said there were no warning lights on the crossing at Pegamoid Road, half-a-mile from Angel Road station. But he added: "There is very good vision at either side of the crossing, it is in the middle of a long length of very straight line. The vision was very good in the area on Friday night."

A formal fingerprint identification of the two teenagers takes place today. The families of the boys have been told of their deaths, and family liaison officers have been assigned to support them.

The train driver, who is traumatised by the accident, has been offered time off and support to recover from the shock.

The accident happened at 9.10pm, 15 minutes after the train left Liverpool Street station. The crossing is operated by pedestrians who push open a spring-loaded gate. Police are appealing for the youths with the two 16-year-olds to come forward.